Woven vs Printed Labels: Which One is the Best

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Woven vs Printed Labels

When thinking of buying clothing labels, you will mostly have the option between woven labels and printed labels for your product. You must be thinking about the importance of the clothing label for your brand or company and which one of the labels will suit your needs ideally. There is no easy answer to this question, and it is hard to say which one is better than the other, as both labels can be ideal choices for your clothing label. To make a decision about woven vs printed labels, you need to keep in mind certain factors about the label, such as the design you want and the particular requirements you have for your clothing label.

You need to understand the pros and cons of both labels to choose the one that suits your requirements perfectly. In this segment, we will explain all the factors of woven vs printed labels.

Difference Between Woven vs Printed Labels

Let us break down every aspect of both clothing labels so that you every limitation and benefit of printed labels and woven labels.

Woven Clothing Label

If you want high-quality labels, then woven labels have top quality in the market. These labels are industry standard that is usually the most used labels by most brands from high-end companies to small designers alike.

Woven clothing labels are created on the jacquard loom that has weaves of the thread in various different colours. These contrasting colours are used together to make a great design of the label. This type of label last along the lifetime of the clothing piece. The label has logos, luxurious patterns, and brand names that are woven together to create an amazing final product. The finished product has a robust yet soft hand-feel with a slight lustre. That is why woven labels stay soft and flat within the clothing piece. Your custom woven labels can have iron-on adhesives or folds so they can be easy to apply to the garment.

Pros of woven labels

Here are some pros of woven labels:

  • High quality

Woven labels are high-quality labels available in the label market. They are used by top-notch designers because they have a lustrous and soft finish.

  • Customizability

Do you like customized or personalized effects? Woven labels allow endless personalization. You can select from the wide range of various finishes with the yarn that is full colourfast. A great level of detail and design can be achieved with just a few colours in woven labels.

  • Durability

Woven labels have high durability, and because of their long-lasting features, they look new and beautiful after years of use and wash. Woven labels never fade or fray with use. So the labels will tend to look fresh and good like the day you bought the product.

  • Soft to touch

Woven labels have a smooth, lustrous, and soft feel around the edges. They are ideal to be attached to the inside of the garment because they do not create irritation to the skin.

Cons of woven labels

  • The Details and fine text

If the labels have a lot of text and laundry symbols, then it would be good if you go for printed labels. Woven labels work extensively with large text like logo and the brand name, but if you want to have a lot of text, then woven labels are not the right choice.

  • Colour limits

The colour limit of woven labels is 12 on a single label, including the shading the design might have and the white and black.

  • High cost

Woven labels are more costly than printed labels because they require more weaving designs than printed labels.

Printed Clothing Labels

Printed labels are an affordable option for clothing labels. They allow unique designs to be created on them as well as small texts and laundry symbols. You can add a lot of colours to styling them. Printed labels have multi-purpose, from having a logo to helpful information about the material. Printed labels tend to be less luxurious compared to woven labels. The design is printed on the labels as it is the quickest method to transform the exact design.

Pros of printed labels

Quick production time

Printed labels are reduced at a faster rate compared to woven labels because the labels are printed easily without any issues.

Unlimited colours

These labels are digitally printed, so you can add as many colours as you like to the design. This type of label is perfect for a design that needs a lot of detail with photos.


Printing is superior to everything. So that is why printed labels can have a lot of small details carried out ideally over the labels.

Rich and vivid colours

The ink utilized in the printed process is highly vibrant, rich, and saturated, which made labels vividly beautiful and eye-catching. So the logo, brand name, and all the other useful text and symbols will look great.

Cons of printed labels


Printed labels are less durable compared to woven labels. Their look gets worn out after washing, and the appearance of the labels looks faded and frayed.

Low quality

Printed labels have low quality than woven labels. They are usually thinner in appearance and best suited to items that do not need a high-quality label. 

Some tips that will help you decide

As mentioned earlier, it is challenging to choose between woven vs. printed labels. So choosing a final option can be hard for your clothing labels. You need to keep all the pros and cons in mind before ending up selecting one of these. Some aspects are good of one label, and some aspects are not so great. So consider all the specifications like quality, size, text, colours, and design to choose the best labels for your brand. In the end, we will say go for the one that will reflect the good quality of your products and brand better.

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