Woven Labels Made with Top Quality to Make Your Brand Stand Out

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Woven labels made with top quality

All good products require equally good labels. These good quality labels will be the key t promoting your brand name and company. The label will also be a source to identify the uniqueness and specific features of your brand. Woven labels made with top quality are essential to show the distinct qualities of your brand logo. A printed label is something that is incomplete, but when your brand has a woven label, it takes your finished product to the top heights. This is something no label can do except woven labels.

Woven Labels Made With Top Quality: Everything Is Based On The Details

Everything across the board, ranging from cardigans to cars, poorly manufactured things are given away by their details. When it comes down to clothes and garments, it is the smallest and minute details that depict the true or real story. The workmanship of a garment, the material of the garment, the cut and style of the garment, and last the stitching of the garment are all very important factors. When a garment is examined closely, the first thing customers notice is the quality of the clothing, and if it has good quality, it is highly appreciated.

All types of denim look the same at first glance, but when you examine them minutely, you will notice the differences and details for a particular piece of clothing. That is why some famous brands are still in high demand and business after several years. A label is an essential part of the attention to the clothing details. This is equivalent to a painter signing his painting canvass. In the same way, a label is a way to display your work, signing off with the last finishing touches that will match and heighten the quality of the end product.

Choose The Different Options For The Woven Labels

Woven labels made with top quality are the icing on the cake when it comes down to the finished product of your brand. The consumers of your brand will be aware that fine-quality woven labels take a lot of money and time to manufacture compared to printed labels. The dedication to the top-notch quality of woven labels gets appreciated and recognized among your competitors and customers. Your brand will be known for its high-quality products as well as fantastic woven labels.

The process of making woven labels

With over decades of experience in making top-quality woven labels, we have become professionals and masters of these labels. We know what the clients ask and how we can turn their imagination into reality. Right from the concepts of the client to the manufacturing of the end product, we scrutinize every step with the dedication to making the experience of our client great. Our whole process of making top-quality woven label include efficiency, simplicity as well as effectiveness.

Step 1: The concept and the design of woven labels

The first thing to initiate the process is to study the brief the client has provided for the design of the woven label. The brief will cover all the details about the brand imaging, including the colour, size, test included in the label, and the logo. Once the designers have everything they need to make the labels, they will start the work and come up with the proposed outline of the label. We send this proposed sample to the client so they can check it. Once the sample is approved on the basis of the client’s brief, the next stage is readied. The label will now go towards the manufacturing process.

Step 2: Making a prototype

By the use of special weaving software, the design or the artwork of the label is transferred to the digital image. This digital image will be taken over by the computer. The label is then filled with unique sizes and colours that will increase its appeal. Once the designing process is finished, the label then goes through the weaving process where intricate details are added like weaving tension, the number of picks in cm, warp type, and then comes to the finishing touches. Once all the details are completed digitally, a test label is made through the woven loom. It is getting finished by hand, and then the prototype is sent to the client again for approval.

Step 3: The large scale production of woven labels

When the test labels get their approval, the design gets scheduled for production. The looms of large industries are utilized for the mass production of the labels. Once the required number of woven labels are made, they are joined together in a single long roll. Then these roles are checked multiple times to examine any faults and quality. If there is no problem during the quality check, then the roll is sent to the specific finishing machine.

Step 4: Finishing woven labels and then packing

The finishing of the labels involves the cutting of the labels, folding the labels as well as packing them. Once the labels are ready to be dispatched, the end product is again checked carefully to ensure the quality of last time. Then the product is counted to ensure the number matches the order and then weighted for the packing process, and then it is dispatched to the client across the globe.

Why Custom Woven Labels Are Essential?

Woven label designs are very important to make a mark on your brand among millions of other brands; woven clothing labels are essential for the promotion of your business. Fashion runs globally, and clothing labels are one of the topmost important tools in helping your brand make its place in the fashion industry. The label has to be unique to highlight the specific features of your brand. The combination of colours, text, and logo has to be eye-catching and beautiful.

What Does Your Brand Needs?

The brand carries unique brand imagery that makes it different from the others. The label has to be durable following the lifespan of the clothing.

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