Labels that stand out and add value to your brand

Anwar Industries manufactures Custom Woven Labels using large weaving jacquard looms that feed spools of polyester threads. We use little threads and recreate the image given by the customer and produce a woven fabric label out of it.
We specialize in a wide range of woven label designs and techniques. Our goal is to provide you with labels that exceed expectations and guide you with our expert advice to make the process simple and easy.
From damask, satin and metallic weaves to laser cut labels, heat seals, and adhesive application techniques, we’ll help you take your brand from ordinary to extraordinary.
Woven Labels reflect the company image, which is why having eye-catching, high-grade woven labels that will make your products shine is key therefore Anwar industries can help you make your vision come to life from concept to final product & delivery we manage all in one roof.

Every Order Includes

Min Order Qty – 5000 pcs

Free Setup

Free pre-production photo approval

Fast Turnaround

9-12 Business days turn-around

Quality Guarantee

We meet our high standards as well as yours.

Type of Woven Labels We Offer

Damask – If you are looking for a label that is soft like satin but provides more durability and detail, Damask label is the perfect choice for your brand. Damask comes in two types 100 deniers and 50 deniers (sometimes referred to as high-density woven). 50 denier is commonly used for luxury brands, fine detailing whereas the 100 denier damask is used for less complicated or larger designs. Color availability in a damask label is unlimited. We have thousands of colors to choose from. We use the worldwide standard color Pantone Book to choose the labels for our products.
Satin – Satin is often compared to damask, but it is a bit more delicate and can only be used in a set number of ways. Ideally, it is best used for company names, washing and care instructions, and sizing information. It is hard to create small, intricate details on it since you can’t weave tiny details or lettering, but for clothing information, it is an excellent choice. It lies flat, doesn’t irritate the skin and is easy to read the print on it.

Different types of cuts & folds that we offer