Woven Label VS Printed Label | How Do I Choose The Right Label For My Product?

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woven label vs printed label

Woven label vs printed label? We know this is a tricky question! In our blog post, we solve this mystery for you and help you choose between the two best options for your custom product. So what are woven and printed labels? And what are the differences between the two? Woven labels are the type of labels in which the text/lettering of your brand’s info is woven into the material. On the other side, printed labels are the labels that simply print the text or instructions on the top of the material. This is the key difference between woven labels vs printed labels.

However, there are also some other vital differences you must know if you want your brand to stand out. In this article, you will find how the right label can influence the appearance of your brand and also how you can decide which label is best for your product.

So let’s begin with the understanding of the two types of labels: woven label vs printed label.

We’ll cover:

  • What is a woven label?
  • What is a printed label?
  • The key differences between woven and printed labels
  • How do I choose the right label for my product?

Woven Label vs Printed Label | What’s the Difference?

What is a Woven Label?

So what is a woven label? A woven label is a label used by brands to weave information, company’s address, and other important texts in a more classy way. Do you wonder how your product stands out on a woven label? Everyone who believes a product itself is just enough so that’s not true. There are many other factors too that are associated to promote the product quality and packaging and shout out the brand’s name to the potential buyers.

A woven label is made of different polyester threads that are all woven together on a loom to give the desired look to your label according to your desires. If you want the perfect idea of a design or messaging woven labels are the best choice. Other than polyester-cotton is also one of the essential ingredients of a woven label.

What is a Woven Label
Why woven labels are best? Woven labels are best because they offer a perfect touch to the garment. The individual stitches give the woven label a long-lasting feel and durability. Woven labels are a premium choice because they are best for brand names and catchy straplines depending on the size of the label.
The disadvantage of the woven label? Woven labels are limited design-wise because they are weaved on a loom.

What is a Printed Label?

Now let’s see what is a printed label? A printed label is a label that has brand names and logos digitally printed on the material of choice. Yes, hence the name the logo is printed so within the printed label it means there are no limits to the palette of colors.

Why printed labels are best

Why printed labels are best? Printed labels are best for complex designs and patterns. It can also take over even the smallest details and it allows the use of striking colors. Imagine if all these things are seen on a single printed label then how can it will not connote the trust and quality for customers. Printed labels offer customers and promote brand loyalty because people will love to get value for their money.

Printed labels are also best because they offer a variety of materials such as Satin, Cotton, Tyvek, or Poly Blend. Printed labels are super concise because it offers you to draw up exactly what you imagine with all the intricate details and designs that you require. Water-resistant printed labels have a quicker turn-around time.
The disadvantage of the printed label? Woven labels last longer than printed labels so printed labels are comparatively less durable.

The Key Differences between Woven and Printed Labels:

There are a few other important aspects that you need to consider before choosing the right label for your custom product. Among them, the two key considerations are pricing and data variations. Printed labels are less costly than woven labels due to the easy production setup. Whereas on the other handwoven labels are tend to be expensive but it depends on mainly your garment’s purpose and the price point.

Woven labels are the premium choice labels because they tend to last longer and have long durability for all types of garments however printed labels are mostly used for size labels because they are comparatively inexpensive than woven labels.

How Do I Choose the Right Label for My ProductsHow Do I Choose the Right Label for My Products?

We don’t think there is a perfect answer for choosing the right label however certain rules can help you find out which brand label can match your brand needs. So let’s consider the two crucial aspects required in marketing and brand positioning. The two highlights are:

  • Type of Product
  • Your Product Brand
  1. Type of Product:

The product label is the first thing that customers notice while they look out for your brand. A label is not just a tag to name the type and uses of the product but it also enhances the product quality. So your label is of the same quality as the product is the key to remember. So when to use printed labels and woven labels?

For example: If you want a more beautiful natural and soft look to the label then printed on cotton labels will be your best choice. However, if you want a woven feel then use a woven cotton label.

Type of Product

  1. Your Product Brand:

Ok, so we know that comparing the two options is difficult while deciding on a label there are many things you need to look for to decide which label is the best choice for your brand. Simply, consider your label as a part of your product and so your label should deliver the same value and quality as your product. It is the best way to want your labels to reflect a look and feel which makes your product stand out to your customers.

For example: If you own a clothing boutique and want a chic eye-catching label for your boutique a woven damask label can represent a high-end fashion logo for your brand.


To conclude, labels give off different impressions for different custom products. The key differences between woven labels vs printed labels include the aspects of pricing, material, data variation, quality, and intricacy of design. Hopefully, this article helps you make an informed decision about which label is best.

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