Woven Elastic Band

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Woven elastic band

Elastic bands are usually used in clothing accessories, and it is a lengthy strip of elastic material that is created by synthetic or natural rubber. The first elastic band did not have rubber in its manufacturing; instead, it used steel wire springs. Originally steel wire springs were utilized inside the hat. Nowadays, there is various type of elastic band available in the market, and choosing the right one for your clothing products has become a hard thing because you have to keep in mind all the factors of the elastic band, whether it will suit your brand or not. A woven elastic band is the type of elastic band that is famous for its remarkable elasticity, its ability to move and bend, and not to narrow while stretched. A  band is the best option when looking for high-strength elasticity.

An elastic band is created with polyester and cotton; cotton makes the band comfortable, and polyester makes the band more durable than the rest. Both polyester and cotton combine to add the extra appeal of durability and strength to the woven elastic band.

The woven band has exceptional robustness; that is why it can be used for heavy-duty items like strapping, home decorating, and car covers.

Woven Elastic Band or “No Roll” Elastic Band

A woven elastic band is also known as a no-roll elastic band, and it is considered a robust garment elastic. This band is recognized by its vertical and horizontal ribs. The most amazing thing about the woven elastic band is that it does not narrow down when stretched.

One of the great things about this ban is that it does not loses its reliance even after it is sewn, which is not present in other elastic bands. So these bands are great for almost every use and application, even in heavy-duty things.

Woven elastic is thus perfect for use in heavyweight material clothing like in outerwear.

Artificial or Natural Elastic Band

A woven elastic band can be created with both man-made and natural fibres, which includes polyester and cotton, by weft and warping threads and interweaving them with rubber. The rubber can be synthetic or natural latex to offer the well-known elasticity to the woven elastic.

Strongest and tightest out of the three types of elastic band

A woven elastic band is a tightest and strongest elastic band among the other types of elastic band, and this is the reason for its wide use in the clothing and apparel industry. Woven elastic is used in a variety of products, including the hem of the clothing, cuffs, and waist of some trousers. Woven elastic is widely used in sports gear as well.

Elastic Bands And Their Types

The elastic band is used in almost all types of clothing pieces in one way or another. They add the elasticity and durability the clothes need to stay put. There are multiple types of elastic bands these days with new features and specifications, and some of those are listed below.

  • Corded elastic
  • Clear elastic
  • Braided elastic
  • Knitted elastic
  • Baby elastic
  • Fold-over elastic
  • Hat elastic
  • Swimwear elastic
  • Lace elastic
  • Ruched elastic
  • Lingerie elastic
  • Elastic thread
  • Drawstring elastic
  • Buttonhole elastic

The steadily growing popularity and use of a woven elastic band

Physical activities are becoming a norm these days, and with this arise, people need appropriate gear that will answer each and every need. Activewear needs to meet all the requirements of physical; activities like swimming and running. Unlike regular clothing items, activewear needs to be appropriate enough to allow body movements during different activities.

What would be perfect than a woven elastic band that is created by the wefting and wrapping of the fabric with the natural or synthetic rubber in vertical and horizontal ribs? It provides the snug fit that activewear needs, thus making the elastic band durable and robust. That is why it is widely used in almost every type of clothing piece that needs an elastic band.

The Benefits Of Woven Elastic Band

Woven elastic bands have endless uses because they can be sewn into each and every fabric or clothing piece. So here are some advantages.

  • The elastic band provides a comfortable and snug fitting to every item or fabric.
  • The woven elastic band is great for pillowcases, bed sheets, and sofa covers.
  • The elastic band makes a great difference to home furnishing items.
  • These bands provide a cheerful and attractive appearance to every item they are stitched on.
  • Woven elastic is famous for its elasticity and amazing stretch.


Woven elastic bands are the most famous and widely used type of elastic band. They have exceptional strength and elasticity that make them ideal for swimwear and other activewear. They add appeal and neatness to every fabric they are stitched on, and they are most appropriate for home decorating and furnishing products.

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