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Wholesale grosgrain ribbon is a popular type of ribbon famous for its textured ridges, sturdiness and a huge range of colours. The ribbon is mostly used for decoration for hair accessories and hair décor.

Some grosgrain ribbons are also handmade which makes them fully customizable and unique. They have great specialty and durability. Wholesale

Uses Of Grosgrain Ribbons

Grosgrain Ribbons Are Used For

They come in a huge variety of colours, patterns and widths makes them a great hit in the industry. They are very economical compared to other types of ribbons for decoration. They are mostly used for

  • They are used in clothing industries for trimming and decoration
  • They are used in hair accessories to decorate them.
  • They are used in embellishing and trimming as well.
  • They are used in book-binding.
  • Grosgrain ribbons are used in bead making.
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Frequently Asked Question [From Buyers]

The grosgrain ribbon is made of silk, wool, mohair and loosely woven fabric that gives it a unique and eye-catching look.

At Anwar Industries we offer various custom sizes for tapes and ribbons including 24mm 1 inch, 36mm 1- 1/2 inches, 50mm 2 inches, 63mm 2- ½ inches, 75mm 3 inches, and 100mm 4 inches.

We offer white, natural and every other colour for print, logo and custom tapes and ribbons.