Where To Get Fabric Labels Printed

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Where To Get Fabric Labels Printed

When purchasing fabric labels for your business or projects, various industries and companies offer printed fabric labels. But when ordering printed fabric labels, ensure the material quality, print quality, size, shape, and attachment method.

For this, you need a trusty manufacturer who specializes in making printed fabric labels and meets all your requirements.

So, if you are worried about where to get Fabric Labels Printed then, Anwar Industries is the best solution it specializes in a wide range of clothing labels. With 40 years of excellence, they specialize in offering the best quality cotton labels, printed fabric labels, woven labels, printed cotton tapes, embroidered elastic, and much more.

They believe in customer satisfaction as well as provide the finest quality materials at affordable prices. You can visit them at https://anwarindustries.co/.

What Are Fabric Labels Printed?

Where To Get Fabric Labels Printed

Fabric labels are small pieces of Fabric Labels Printed or material that contain printed or woven information about clothing or textiles.

Fabric labels are often sewn or ironed onto garments and can be found on various products like clothing, bags, or other textile items. Printed fabric labels are the best choice to promote your brand. They serve multiple purposes such as:

  • Branding

It includes the brand’s logo or name which assists in promoting and advertising.

  • Providing Care Instructions

Provides information about how to wash the fabric and keep it away from sunlight or heat. Also, give information about fire hazards, etc.

  • Indicating Size

Fabric labels tell the size of the clothing whether it is small, large, or extra large by the symbols S, L, XL respectively.

  • Listing Manufacturing Detail

Tells where the fabric was made and sold and also indicates the composition of each fabric used while manufacturing.

What Are Some Common Types Of Fabric Labels?

What Are Some Common Types Of Fabric Labels?

There are some different types of Fabric Labels Printed that you should consider while ordering the fabric labels for your brand. They are :

Woven Labels:

These labels are made by weaving threads to create the design. They are durable, high-quality, and often used for premium products.

Printed Fabric Labels:

They are created by printing ink or dye onto Fabric Labels Printed. They offer more flexibility in design and can be a cost-effective option.

Embroidered Labels:

Embroidered labels are made by stitching a design onto Fabric Labels Printed. They provide a textured and premium look.

Heat-Transfer Labels:

They first printed onto a special paper and then transferred to fabric by using heat. These labels are often used for sportswear and casual apparel.

What Anwar Industries Offers:

Anwar Industries is a professional clothing label maker that offers highly finished, elegant, and attractive printed fabric labels.

They used sew-on clothing labels that can be digitally Fabric Labels Printed using a multi-color palette. These fabric labels for clothing are ideal for printing highly detailed images and small or detailed text. One of the popular methods that Anwar industries use is flexographic printing.

In this process, flexible plates are used that contain a solution of a raised inked image. At every step of transferring ink onto a substrate, it produces a single color and multiple colors by resting properly.

After the colors are settled, then they customize the labels according to their client’s requirements.

What Anwar Industries Offers:

Premium Material Quality:

Their Fabric Labels Printed are made of high-quality cotton, polyester, and satin which are soft and itch-free to the skin. As they use flexographic ink for printing labels, their labels do not fade or become dull after washing multiple times.

Custom Printed Fabric Labels:

They offer customized fabric labels in terms of designs, colors, and sizes. They create labels for promoting your brand and provide clear and detailed information.

Best Print Quality:

Anwar industries use sharp, clear, and legible printing. Their ink is durable and is resistant to fading from washing and wear.

Budget-Friendly Prices:

Anwar Industries ensures a good balance of quality and affordability, especially for large orders. They offer discounts on bulk orders which you can utilize and order as many as you want.


If you are searching about where to get Fabric Labels Printed then Anwar Industries is the best dealer as they use white and black satin material for manufacturing their products. Their printed labels are an ideal choice for all types of garment accessories, home goods, furniture, and footwear.

They provide the best delivery service. Their expertise in fabric label printing makes them a reliable source for businesses. You can get the benefit by ordering fabric label printing in bulk. So visit their site and order now the best fabric label printing.

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