What is Damask Woven Label | Why Should You Choose Damask Fabric for Your Label?

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What is Damask Woven Label

A damask woven label is a fabric label that is used to customize garment labels. Damask fabric labels are made of silk cotton linen or synthetic fibers. Damask woven labels are considered high-quality labels because these computerized woven labels can get a firm and shiny pattern from weaving. Damask woven labels are made of many thinner threads – these threads are thinner than any other woven fabric label thread. The soft feel of the fabric and the high-end detailing of the smallest text on the damask woven label is created by the long floats of satin-woven warp and weft threads.

The threads of the damask woven labels are of medium-thickness polyester threads. These threads are weaved together tightly to give the custom label a luxuriously soft and high-quality finish. Damask woven labels are widely used on anything – from the brand, neck labels, all the way to decorative items such as hem tags or labels.

The most notable feature of a damask woven label is that a damask label capture attention of every eye – this feature is incredible because its high quality allows the brand to promote their brand name, signature, and detailed information in the most elegant way.

The best part of a damask woven label is that it is used for high-end intricate designs because the thinner the threads the higher the quality.

Types of Damask Woven Label:

There are two types of damask woven labels:

  • 50 denier damask (aka high-density woven label)
  • 100 denier damask

Types of Damask Woven Label

The word denier refers to the size of the thread. It means a 50 denier thread is half a size of a 100 denier thread. A 50 denier damask yarn is often used for high-end detailing. The thread is weaved to create finer detail and the softest touch to the skin. As the 50 denier yarn provides quality and luxury it is often used for infants wear, kids clothing, or wedding dresses. The 50 denier damask thread is so fine and thinner than it can weave into the material to form even the smallest lettering and details. So it would be the best bet for you if you choose 50 denier damask woven labels for your brand because 50 denier damask labels offer great intricate details soft and luxurious feel and have the highest density in all woven labels. However, the 100 denier damask yarn is also high-quality sturdy, and soft but it is for small text or lettering and less-complicated designs.

Color Size and Cutting:

For damask woven labels you can choose any color for the damask label. However, keep in mind that the background color is also included because the damask woven label is woven into a loom so even if you see a damask label with a white background it means that it is the white thread forming the background. So for the damask woven label, the color available is up to eight.

You can do any size label and for a damask woven label, you can also cut it into any shape. The available shapes for the damask woven label are straight cut, end fold, centerfold, center end fold, Manhattan fold, miter fold, die-cut, and die cut w/ overlock stitch. Damask woven labels are cut with the use of a hot-knife or sonic laser to prevent fraying between the threads.

Why Should You Choose Damask Fabric for Your Label?

High Density

Damask woven labels are popular in the fashion industry! This popularity is not a coincidence because damask woven labels are produced to give a luxurious and high-end finish to the medium to high-end products. Brands choose high-quality damask woven labels because they do not only look like the high-end label but they actually have the luxurious softest high-quality feel – that grabs the attention of every looking eye.

Damask Fabric

Good Finish

The versatility of damask woven labels made with fine thread is not just incredibly durable but they look aesthetic and classy as well. The durable weave of damask fabric labels is formed by the tight weaving of fine and thinner polyester threads which gives a complete finish to the beautiful damask patterns. The sheeny texture of damask labels is accredited to its weft threads and the sheen of the fabric. Thanks to the reflection of light which creates patterns that we often see in a woven fabric.


Lastly, damask woven labels are skin-friendly! Damask labels have merits that limit to the sky. Damask labels are not only durable but they tend to provide a comfortable and softest feel to the skin which is the best kind of apparel for infant clothing tags, women bras, and underwear because people want less irritation to the skin. Damask fine threads also provide a high-quality brand logo that makes your products stand out in all.


If you’re confused about whether to use a damask woven label or a satin label, I would suggest going for damask labels because the finish quality and durability of a damask label give a feel of silk fabric. The softest and the most luxurious experience your customers want – damask is the best option for it. Besides, you can customize your brand logo or brand information with even multiple lettering and texts it will look aesthetically pleasing and clear you can ever imagine.

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