Technology And Characteristics Of Jacquard Elastic Band

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Technology and characteristics of jacquard elastic band

Nowadays, people should know about jacquard elastic bands and where they are used. Jacquard elastic bands should not be considered a novel thing because they are not. Instead, they are standard items in almost every apparel and clothing. Wherever you will look, you will notice products of jacquard elastic bands in everything around us, from trousers to hats. These elastic bands have made life effortless for many people, including us. But the range of application, technology, and characteristics of jacquard elastic band characteristics is unknown to many. So in this article, we will discuss the jacquard elastic bands and analyze the different features of the jacquard elastic bands. So get ready for the introduction of technology and characteristics of  Jacquard elastic band.

Characteristics Of Jacquard Elastic Bands

The trend of the jacquard elastic band is top-rated these days, and every item and product has jacquard elastic bands, whether they are shirts, hoodies, or hats. The fashion of the jacquard elastic band is just starting, and it is here to stay. Jacquard elastic bands are manufactured through the popular weaving technology that has an exquisite, three-dimensional, and attractive appearance. Jacquard elastic bands allow a lot of creativity and designs like fish, birds, flowers, text, other patterns, and animals of any sort.

If you want a brand name or company logo on the jacquard elastic band with vivid and bright colours and shades along with high grade will ultimately make the band more appealing. Apart from that, the design will add more cost and value to the end product and will enhance the identity of the brand’s image.

The Appearance Of Jacquard Elastic Bands

The pattern of the jacquard elastic band is super fine. The feel of the jacquard elastic band is soft and smooth, and it has great strength, durability, and strong fastness of colour that will not deform or fade with wash or time.

The wrap jacquard elastic band’s pattern is relatively single and simple. In contrast, the design of the weft of the jacquard elastic band is exquisite and extensive, with three-dimensional clear images and colours.

The division of the jacquard elastic band

Jacquard elastic band a=can be divided into double-sided jacquard and single-sided jacquard.

  • Single-sided jacquard

The single-sided jacquard only has the pattern or design on the front side and not on the backside.

  • Double-sided jacquard

The double-sided jacquard has a design or pattern on both sides of the elastic band. Jacquard is a beautiful fabric that adds to the appeal and beauty of any garment, so the jacquard elastic bands are very trendy because they highlight the design and pattern concept.


The production of the jacquard elastic band goes through various steps. The first step is that a machine program makes the pattern of the jacquard. After that, the figure is gone through a machine program of jacquard. The next step is weaving and debugging. The belt of the jacquard is then divided into wefts and warp. These parts of weft and wrap are then weaved through a loom of computer jacquard through the vertical thread direction. The weaving of the weft by the yarn is done in the traverse area of the jacquard belt.

The Use Of Jacquard Elastic Bands

Jacquard elastic bands are primarily used in high-end handbags, belts, shoes, hats, hanging belts, gift decorations, shoulder belts of bags, and many other things. Apart from that, the jacquard elastic is also used in clothing cuffs, suspenders, hem, waistband, medical stretchers, shoes, and sports protection gear. A jacquard elastic band is highly suitable for garments like pants, undergarments, sweaters, rhythm clothing, t-shirts, baby clothes, sportswear, hats, masks, and hoodies.

The different features of jacquard elastic bands

The jacquard elastic band has a delicate, unique smooth, and soft texture that has a shiny and glossy look with lavish draping. The fabric of the jacquard elastic ban allows good air permeability, and it has great yarn dyeing fastness.

The Most Widely Used Jacquard Elastic Band

The type of jacquard elastic band that is most widely used in the world is the nylon jacquard ribbon because it is unique, has a class of its own, has a fantastic pattern, and reflects the outstanding beauty of the end product with its distinct design.

The manufacturing process of the jacquard elastic band

Although jacquard elastic bands are in high use in all clothing pieces, the whole manufacturing process of the webbing is very tricky and complicated. The weft and warp of the jacquard go through weaving to create various patterns.

The unevenness of the jacquard elastic band is uniform, and it could be woven. The webbing craft of jacquard is fashionable, and top-notch webbing products are in huge demand in the market. The reason behind the popularity of jacquard elastic bands is it is high wear-resistant and do not easily deform.

  • It is created by the blending of cotton and polyester with the main element of tape. The jacquard elastic tape does not only highlights the beauty of tape but adds an advantage to the cotton fabric.
  • The elastic band of the jacquard has top elasticity.
  • It has stable dimensions.
  • It does not easily get wrinkles.
  • A jacquard elastic band is very easy to wash.
  • It is straight and tall with a low shrinkage feature.
  • It is abrasive and resistant to wet and dry conditions.

You can get a jacquard elastic band custom-made according to your preferences and brand requirements. You can add your own designs, colours, and patterns to make your jacquard elastic band unique to suit your products and company. You can get the jacquard elastic band in the amiable design and colours possible.

So, the technique and characteristics of the jacquard elastic band are fully explained in this segment. We hope that you learned something new about these fantastic elastic bands. You can get these bands for yoga pants, athletic wear many other trousers.

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