Heat Transfer Clothing Labels

Sewing Woven or printed labels are the best way to brand your garment and making sure the label stays on the garment but if that’s not the option Heat transfer labels may be the solution. These Labels have been gaining popularity for a lot of interesting reasons.

  • To avoid a label rubbing against the infant’s skin, the Heat transfer label is used.
  • These labels cannot be cut off and disposed of. Hence the brand is on the garment for the long term.
  • They are very easy to apply with a standard heat press or household iron.
  • They are used best on athletic and children’s wear

Heat transfers can be applied variety of products such as
Apparel, Fabric, Hats, Bags, Wood
At Anwar Industries we provide a variety of shapes and sizes of Heat Transfer Labels that can customize any logo, letter, design. For example, the character pattern, the superman pattern, the animal pattern, the tiger group, the cute cartoon design, the cool symbol, the color text and so on.

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  1. Set iron or heat press to 284-320ºF (140-160ºC). Higher temperatures can melt vellum backing. If using a household iron, set the dial between the cotton and wool setting with NO STEAM.
  2. Place heat transfer with the adhesive side down onto your garment or item. If the adhesive is exposed to the iron or press, the design will adhere onto the press and will be difficult to remove.
  3. If using a heat press, press down for 8 seconds. If using a household iron, press FIRMLY, straight down avoiding sweeping motions, for 8-12 seconds.

Please follow the instruction below that has been ‘marked’ specifically for your label.

Cold Peel: Wait until the transfer has been completely cooled. Then secure garment down and peel off vellum backing. Start at one corner and SWIFTLY remove the film.

Hot Peel: Secure garment down and immediately peel off vellum backing. Start at one corner and SWIFTLY remove the film. Do not peel slowly.

Our Design Process

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Concept Stage

If your designs are ready? Great! If not we take your idea, artwork or even a sketch to build on your final design.

Pre-Production Sample

Using the specs you give us, a digital sample is sent to you for approval. We can even ship you a physical sample if required.

Final Product & Delivery

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