Satin Label Vs Woven Label: Which Is Better?

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Satin label Vs Woven label

The most common labels present in the world are the woven labels that are widely used on garments. They are popular because of many of their outstanding features like durability and the ability to showcase minute detailing of the design. Choosing between a satin label and vs woven label is hard because both have special features that make them a good option for clothing labels. Many businesses have straightforward and formal brand guidelines for their every product. But if you want to make your competition with its opponent and grow to new heights, then you need to focus more on the labelling process.

Clothing labels are essential for any product. They should not be overlooked because they play an important role in branding the company or business and making a name in the clothing industry. So let us discuss more satin labels and woven labels.

Satin Label Vs Woven Label Guide

Labels are very important for any brand or company, but choosing the right fabric for labels can be daunting. Woven labels are a cost-effective and famous method to brand your crafts, textiles, and garments. Woven labels can be manufactured using satin thread, damask, and taffeta materials.

Here is some specification of both labels that will help you make a decision between a satin label and vs woven label.

What Are Satin Labels?

Satin labels are created with a combination of polyester and satin threads that make the label shiny and soft. They offer a very classic and elegant look to the label because of their high quality and softness. These labels are ideal for those clothes that need to be comfortable and soft, like baby clothes and other such clothes.

The design and text get more detail and appeal when it is done with satin labels. The label’s background can only be made in limited colours, which is one of the drawbacks of satin labels.

The Pros Of Satin Labels

  • The satin woven labels have a soft and luxurious feel.
  • Satin woven labels are a very shiny and elegant appearance.
  • The satin woven label can withstand multiple washes and uses because they are super durable.
  • The satin was woven clothing labels have a very appealing, classic, and vintage style that many clients like and appreciate.

The Cons Of Satin Labels

  • The disadvantage of the woven satin label is that it is an expensive option compared to taffeta woven labels.
  • Satin woven labels have a low count of thread that indicates that the text or design will not be good enough compared to damask woven labels.
  • Satin woven labels do not have great many colour options, so a limited option of hues is present for the background of the label.

What Are Woven Labels?

All amazing products also need an equally great label that makes the brand look good, and that will also help others to identify the brand. A printed label cannot do what a woven label can do with just a few changes. If you want to transform the end product of your business, then all you need is woven labels because there is nothing ideal than woven labels.

Woven label is best known for its ability to show even the smallest detail of the design and for its durability. A woven label can ideally withstand multiple washed. It will never fade after washing, and it can withstand many uses as well.

The most amazing thing about the woven label is that they do not fade or get worn out after continuous washing or use. The remarkable visual effect of woven labels is achieved by the weaving of the threads. They are mainly used on every type of clothing like shirts, bags, shoes, hats, and jackets. Woven labels can showcase a brand name, logo, care, and content information about the garment as well as flag and made in the label. They are a high-quality label that does not cause itching to the skin as they are soft and smooth against the skin.

The Pros Of Woven Clothing Labels

There are multiple benefits of woven clothing that are as follow:

  • Woven labels have a very high quality. They are the most top-quality labels available in the market. They are used by all types of high-end clothing designers in the industry. They are very smooth, lustrous, and soft to the skin.
  • Woven labels are famous for their durability, and they last longer than any other labels. They do not fade or wear down after multiple washes and use. They do not fade or fray after use. After years and years, the labels will also have a good look and feel.
  • Woven labels are highly versatile, so they allow a lot of customizability. There is a huge range of different options for clients to choose from to personalize their custom labels.
  • Woven labels have a very smooth and luxurious feel to the skin, unlike many other types of labels that feel scratchy and uncomfortable to the skin.

The Cons Of Woven Clothing Labels

The limitation also presented in woven clothing labels are they are as follow:

  • Woven labels are an expensive option when it comes to clothing labels because weaving is involved in making the design of the labels. The yarn has to be run several times, so a lot of time and effort is made to make woven labels.
  • Woven labels are not a good option if you want to make your label with extra fine and small texts with minute detailing. Printed labels are a good choice to showcase small designs and texts.
  • Woven labels can only be created in a limited number of colours, so if a customer wants their label to have multiple colours with different shading, then a woven label is not ideal for them. On the other hand, printed labels can be created in a huge variety of colours.

Why Choose Us For Your Woven Labels And Satin Labels?

Anwar Industries is the best choice regarding where to get custom clothing labels made for your company or brand. We offer top-quality service, 100% results, and easy steps to follow to get personalized clothing labels. If you want to transform the end product of your business, then all you need is custom clothing labels because there is nothing ideal.


Woven labels are the most common labels used, but they are not the only great labels. To make a choice between a satin label and vs woven label is hard, so we have made a choice easy for you. If you want to transform the end product of your business, then all you need is custom clothing labels because there is nothing ideal.

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