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 Printed labels are most cost-effective option to use for your brand. They are usually used for care content information required by government and assortment of other clothing labels branding needs. Printed labels are available in single face and double face satin and are a perfect choice for any kinds of garment accessories, home goods, furniture and footwear etc.
Our company utilizes the flexographic ink for purpose of printing labels, the reason to behind using this ink is that it does not fade or wash away after being used few times. You design is printed using white or black satin material, they are soft and highly detailed and itch free to your skin.
All the printed labels come with finished edges that will not fray. We offer 3 basic types of printed satin labels.

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The first one is woven edge satin, the edges have a woven appearance. They are super soft and viable and the most common type of label customer orders the most.
The second type is called slit edge satin. This type of satin is flexible and soft to the touch, thinner than the woven edge and it has a silky feel to it. You can see it has a straight edge and not has a woven edge to it.
The third type is called a Double face woven edge. This material has a shiny appearance on both sides and commonly used when you need to print on both sides of the label. It’s the softest of all 3 types of the label.

Different types of cuts & folds that we offer