Printed Elastic

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Printed Elastic

Elastic bands are mostly used in clothing accessories, and it is a lengthy strip of elastic material that is created by synthetic or natural rubber. The first elastic band did not have rubber in its manufacturing; instead, it used steel wire springs. Originally steel wire springs were utilized inside the hat.

Nowadays, various types of elastic bands are available in the market, and choosing the right one for your clothing products has become a hard thing because you have to keep in mind all the factors of the elastic band, whether it will suit your brand or not.

Printed elastic is also known as printed elastic ribbon or tape, mainly used in clothing and decoration. Printed elastic is widely used in the textile industry and clothing factories to design and finish clothing pieces.

The garment factories and fashion brands use printed elastic because they add the finishing appeal to the end product because of their beautiful prints and stretchiness. They are highly comfortable and soft, which is why they are used in comfortable and plush clothes.

What is printed elastic?

And the elastic band is created by weaving off the woven that is interlaced by weft and wrap. Printed elastic bands are created in the same way. The only difference is that they have printed on them, and they are often made with a variety of materials.

They are very soft and comfortable, making them ideal for comfortable clothes like baby clothes, swimwear, bathrobes, lingerie, and underwear.

Printed elastic comes in different patterns and sizes; some are made with smaller widths, while some have wide sizes. When the width is small, the waving process is different for them ranging between single and double strips.

The main material used in creating printed elastic is viscose yarn, rubber yarn, spandex, polyester, nylon, cotton yarn, and more that make the tape stretchy enough, comfortable, and durable.

The sewing method is different as well, and there are varieties in the sewing method as well like embroidered weaving, knitted weaving, woven weaving, and braided weaving.

The two types of custom elastic bands

The printed elastic band allows high personalized effects and can be made in various sizes and colors according to the clients’ needs. They are also created to match the garments and are perfect for pants, sportswear, leggings, lingerie, underwear, masks, hats, sweaters, swimsuits, dresses, waistbands, and sports bras.

They can be designed in endless colors, patterns, prints, and sizes; they can be narrow, thin, or wide according to the brand or clients’ preferences. There are two types of custom elastic bands that are named below

  • Jacquard custom elastic band
  • Printed custom elastic band

Jacquard custom elastic band

If you want a delicate and soft custom elastic band, then you will be amazed by the quality of the jacquard elastic band. The material used in the jacquard elastic band is smooth and soft to the touch and feel. It has great breathability, sagging, and gloss.

The pattern of the jacquard elastic band is three-dimensional, and the weaving method makes these elastic bands unique. The wrap and weft s created by the machine to make the unique pattern of the jacquard elastic band. The pattern is created in multiple colors that make the design of the jacquard elastic band more appealing.

Jacquard printed elastic is pretty fantastic to look at and feel and has large sizes. They are primarily used in wedding dresses, underwear, pants, and baby clothes.

Printed custom elastic band

The printed elastic band refers to the printed design on the elastic band that can be customized in various colors and patterns. You can also print the logo, company name, or other text on the printed elastic band.

They are rich in designs and colors and widely used in shoulder straps, underwear, stretch fabric, and cuffs.

What are the different types of elastic bands?

The elastic band is used in almost all types of clothing pieces in one way or another. They add the elasticity and durability the clothes need to stay put.

There are multiple types of elastic bands these days with new features and specifications, and some of those types are Corded elastic, Clear elastic, Braided elastic, Knitted elastic, Baby elastic, Fold-over elastic, hat elastic, Glitter elastic, swimwear elastic, Lace elastic, Non-slip elastic, Ruched elastic, Lingerie elastic, Elastic thread, Drawstring elastic, Buttonhole elastic, etc.

Apart from these kinds of elastic bands, there are also various types of elastic custom bands that are used in clothing these days, and they are as follows:

  • Sport custom elastic bands
  • Medical elastic band supplies
  • Nylon confusion custom elastic band
  • Wide elastic band
  • Color rigid strip elastic belt
  • The jacquard elastic sub-band
  • Custom printed elastic ribbon
  • The elastic band of colorful custom stripes
  • Anti-slip or non-slip elastic band
  • Polyester custom elastic tape
  • Clip rope custom elastic bands
  • New-hole custom elastic band


Elastic bands have exceptional tenacity, and they are super eco-friendly. They are widely used in clothing industries especially printed elastic that is unique and soft-textured. Printed elastic is comfortable and plush, so they are mostly used in comfortable clothes like baby clothes and swimwear and much more







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