We are a professionally printed cotton tapes manufacturer company designing and creating highly-finished elegant and attractive cotton tapes for our customers. Our goal is to provide cotton tapes that contrast your brand’s style and meet your expectations. Our high-quality cotton tapes machines manufacture precisely and delicately thousands of cotton tapes designs with different logos and customized patterns. You can also customize cotton tapes with your own logo. We offer affordable bulk rates for different cotton tapes sizes. With budget-friendly cotton tapes costs, you can customize as many as you want.

What is Printed Cotton Tapes?

Cotton tape is a flat tape with a soft texture, and it comes in a variety of designs and sizes according to our customer needs. These tapes are also known as Cotton Webbing or Cotton Twill Tape. It is widely used in garments, such as printed cotton drawstring bags, labeling neck-straps, etc.

Printed Cotton tapes
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Create Your Custom Printed Ribbons

These ribbons are used to pack gifs, parcels, and other items. They are unique in the way that it has different things printed on the ribbon. Our company is remembered to present the best quality ribbon along with the best quality of services. Check out our gallery page for different kinds of ribbons.

High-Definition Cotton tapes in Bulk from Anwar industries

Our highly-finished cotton tapes are intricately impressive and light-weighted. Our printed cotton tapes are 100% organic, water-proof, and durable. We manufacture superior quality printed cotton tapes with a smooth finish and easy to stitch. We produce cotton tapes that suit the aesthetic of your brands. For a strikingly, bright, and professional look to your product, make Anwar Industries your ultimate choice for all custom printed cotton tapes.

What Type of Cotton We Use?

At Anwar Industries, we use natural and organic cotton made from materials that do not contain toxic chemicals. Eco-savvy customers are highly looking for industries that use environment-friendly materials. For this cause, Anwar Industries custom cotton printed tapes are so far the ‘greener’ choice. The natural cotton used to manufacture cotton logos and labels also creates elegant and extremely soft stunning cotton tapes. Our garments are comfortable enough to tuck anywhere – inside or outside the garment.

How Printed Cotton Tapes Helps Businesses?

Printed cotton tapes are simple an advert for your business. With a little expense, you would get something incredible that shouts your brand name and get your products noticed. Anwar Industries provide well-designed custom printed cotton twill tapes with visible and readable font.
The critical aspect is considering a spellbinding design that helps your cotton tape stand out. Use promotion discount codes or any other unique element to attract potential buyers. Ask for the professional help from Anwar Industries for high-quality printed cotton twill tapes.

Why Choose Us?

We are proficient in providing a wide range of self-adhesive tapes and labels. Our range comprises pure and blended cotton tapes in a spectrum of shades and different finishes. We have the industry knowledge and technology to manufacture the commercial bulk order for printed cotton tapes. Our cotton tapes can be customized in innumerable patterns, weaves, and designs to match the business’s preferences and expectations of our clients. Our cotton tapes are sold increasingly for outstanding durability. Trusting an experienced and skillful company that is mastered to match your PMS colors is a big deal – Anwar Industries is the best choice for manufacturing a printed cotton tape with colors as close as possible to your PMS.