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non-slip elastic

The elastic band is present in every clothing accessory, and they are used in most the garment cuff, waistbands, garters, shoes, waist, suspenders, and other stretchy clothes. Activewear and swimwear also have elastic bands to offer a certain amount of elasticity and strength.

Elastic bands are usually used in clothing accessories, and it is a lengthy strip of elastic material that is created by synthetic or natural rubber. The first elastic band did not have rubber in its manufacturing; instead, it used steel wire springs. Originally steel wire springs were utilized inside the hat.

Nowadays, various types of elastic bands are available in the market, and choosing the right one for your clothing products has become a hard thing because you have to keep in mind all the factors of the elastic band, whether it will suit your brand or not.

What is a non-slip elastic?

Non-slip elastic has different types like non-slip elastic ribbon, tape, or webbing. They are used by the customer to avoid any slipping of the band. They have exceptional quality and elasticity and can be created to custom demands.

Non-slip elastic is created or designed specifically for easy and strong performance, and this is why they are highly used in gym gear and sports gear.

Non-slip elastic is created from epoxy resins and polyester that has durability, sturdiness, and elasticity. Non-slip elastic is mainly present in sweatbands, exercise hair, headbands, and other sports gear. It is also known as gripper elastic or silicon-backed elastic because it offers a strong grip and does not move.

They are created and designed in various colors, patterns, and sizes, allowing a lot of customization. That is why non-slip elastic are considered highly versatile. They are ideal for knee braces, bikinis, trousers, skiwear, cuffs, sportswear, dresses, etc

The types of non-slip elastic

The non-slip elastic has two types: silicon elastic band and rubber weaving elastic band.

  • The rubber elastic band has rubber threads of its own that are used to achieve the function of non-slip. The only drawback of the rubber non-slip elastic band is its simple style.
  • Silicone elastic is the other type of non-slip elastic. It also offers the quality of not slipping to the elastic bands used in the garments. It can be designed with the brand logo, wave, letter, and other patterns. Silicon non-slip elastic can be customized in a variety of ways according to the clients’ needs, preferences and requirements.

What are the different types of elastic bands?

The elastic band is used in almost all types of clothing pieces in one way or another. They add the elasticity and durability the clothes need to stay put.

There are multiple types of elastic bands these days with new features and specifications, and some of those types are Corded elastic, Clear elastic, Braided elastic, Knitted elastic, Baby elastic, Fold-over elastic, hat elastic, Glitter elastic, swimwear elastic, Lace elastic, Non-slip elastic, Ruched elastic, Lingerie elastic, Elastic thread, Drawstring elastic, Buttonhole elastic, etc.

Garment industry and non-slip elastic

The garment industry is growing every day and is constantly introducing new, modern, and advanced things. With the spread of industry, they need certain things to rely on, and one of those items is non-slip elastic, which has become very important in the textile industry.

Silicon elastic is a type of non-slip elastic that is now being manufactured and sewn on most clothing products that need to be created to avoid slipping. Non-slip elastic tapes are being used extensively on trousers, socks, and other clothing pieces.

The silicon elastic allows many customized patterns according to the brand needs and has a minute and thin layer of PU. This PU layer function allows digital printing that enables the different textile factories to effortlessly apply the silicon tape to the fabric using several adhesives like PUR and HMA. This helps to reduce and lessen the time for the mass products of these items.

With the increase in physical activities and regular exercise among the population.

Anti-slip elastic or silicon gripper ribbon on athletic wear and undergarments

he demands wedgie-proof apparel and undergarments is ever increasing. Customers are concerned about the waistband of their undergarments slipping during exercise or yoga and gym activities. This anxiety resulted in high demand for silicon elastic integrated into the textile to avoid any such mishaps.

Such silicon non-slip elastic is attached to the textile with adhesive glue that is pretty easy and quick for the factory workers to do, and this helps a lot to save the time of mass production of such garments.


Non-slip elastic is made with epoxy resins and polyester, making it sturdy, robust, and stretchy. These elastic tapes or ribbons are used in underwear, athletic wear, sportswear, and swimwear to avoid slipping. They have become essential in the clothing industry because of the steady increase in the norm of gym routine and physical activities.


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