Labels and Patches for Hats | How to Apply Custom Patches on Hats in Three Easy Ways?

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Labels and Patches for Hats

I see… You got some beautiful plain black caps and you are more likely to design them with some chic eye-catching custom embroidered patches for hats. Well, you’re at the right place. In this article, we are going to tell some most authentic, easiest, and most durable methods how to apply custom patches and labels for hats. It’s so easy! Labels and patches for hats are the best placements to express the brand identity. With our tips and tricks, we help you in doing more and thinking less! If you’re looking for how to design the labels that make your brand stand out we got you covered in this area as well. Sneak into the article to get some cool ideas about which labels are go-to for hats and how to create them.

So without any further ado, let’s cut to the chase!

Popular Ideas to Put labels and Patches for Hats | Create your favorite look!

Let’s go through each method to find what works for you. All these three ways are easy and practical however each successive method is better than the other. So quickly dive into it:

  1. How to glue custom patches on hats
  2. How to heat seal custom patches on hats
  3. How to sew custom patches on hats

How to Glue Custom Patches on Hats?

 Okay, let’s start with the easiest method. Woven labels are the perfect examples of it. To apply glue to the custom patches is a fast way you can do but it is also the temporary one. You can follow these steps to apply custom patches to your hats.

How to Glue Custom Patches on Hats

Tools you need:

  • Fabric glue
  • Patch

How to do:

The method is easy! Start by applying a single layer of fabric glue on the backside of your custom embroidered patch. Place your hand on the patch and press it firmly against the cap. Hold it for 30 seconds. Remove your hand and test out if the patch falls or not. You can apply more glue and press it with a hard substance to get the patch fixed on the place.

How to Iron On Custom Patches on Hats 

Hey, wait?! What If the glue method will not work for your fabric? You must be tempted to look out for another way. We got you. Chances are this method will not ruin your fabric so test before you try.

How to Iron On Custom Patches on Hats

Tools you need: 

  • Household iron
  • A small piece of cloth
  • Patch

How to do:

Let’s get started with prepping the iron. Turn on the hottest setting of your clothing iron and let it down to get hot. Heat is another best way to apply custom labels and patches for hats. However, it is also not a completely foolproof idea because the patch may fall out after washing into a machine. So it is highly suggested not to wash the cap unnecessarily and if you do so then use cool water and rinse it using your hands. Okay, let’s cut down it and proceed with the steps. Make sure your iron is empty with water and don’t forget to switch off the steam option. Now before you settle your patch onto the desired place put a hard flat surface below your cap. Now positioned the patch on the cap. Sandwich a small thin towel between your custom patch and iron so it may not burn. Hold the iron on the patch for hardly 10 to 15 minutes are your patch is ready set and go!

How to Sew Custom Patches on Hats

Sewing custom patches on hats is the most authentic way to apply patches for long-lasting use. This method is highly recommended because the other need to be tested before applying. After all, some fabrics are not glue-friendly and other clothing items do not resist heat. Sewing patches hold the patches even after re-washes and re-use.

But how to sew custom patches on hats? There are two ways to do it:

  • Hand sew custom patches
  • Machine sew custom patches

How to Sew Custom Patches on Hats

Tools to use: 

  • Sewing machine
  • Pins or washable glue
  • Patch

How to do:

If you’re sewing with hands: Before you start make sure you secure your patch onto the desired position of your cap with the help of pins or washable glue whether you use the sewing machine or hand-sewing. Use a heavy-duty needle for the cap because of the dense and thick fabric of the cap. Thread the needle with an appropriate color of your choice. Begin with a starting point and sew around the edges. Tie a thread in a knot to secure the stitches and you’re done!

If you’re sewing with a sewing machine: Thread a heavy-duty needle in your sewing machine. Change the settings to the narrowest zigzag adjustment. This setting is possibly best to stitch embroidery patches. Now start sewing the patches around the edges and make sure the stitches are not so obvious to the human eye, it will ruin the look! When you reach the point from where you started remove the cap from the machine and cut out any threads to give it a nice finished look.


Patches on hats look cool. Isn’t it? So why not customize one for yourself or ask for professional help. Make custom patches for hats because they will never go out of fashion. Your patch can give an impression on your friends and it really goes well with everything.

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