Anwar Industries is the leading elastic webbing manufacturers. We manufacture custom printed elastic jacquard fabric labels in different widths. We deliver custom orders in a wide range from 1-inch jacquard elastic and low (¾ inches) to greater inches according to your demand. We are the trusted source of elastic suppliers for excellent quality and durability for high-end use. We offer affordable bulk rates for variable sizes of Jacquard Name Elastic. With budget-friendly jacquard elastic costs, you can customize as many as you want.

Create Your Jacquard Name Elastic Band, Waistband Manufacturers

Woven Jacquard name elastics can be used for waistbands, suspenders, straps, and footwear. Jacquard fabrics are often used in a more specific market like the footwear, intimate apparel, or sporting goods industry. We can customize the elastic according to your brand logo. We used Nylon, Polyester, Spandex to create a comfortable, functional, and attractive elastic for you.

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Jacquard Name Elastic

What is the Jacquard Elastic Fabric?

Jacquard Elastic Band is created through a complex and time-consuming loom process. The design of the jacquard elastic fabric is incorporated into the weave. A jacquard elastic fabric is not printed or dyed, yet the pattern and colors are woven into the woven elastic material’s surface. Combined with a rainbow of colors and types of threads, jacquard fabric provides beautiful and soft gradations to complex patterns.

What’s the Difference Between Damask and Jacquard?

Damask – is a reversible jacquard pattern fabric made through a combination of different weaving techniques, including satin. The damask fabric pattern is woven into the fabric instead of printed on it. It gives a firm and lustrous effect to Damask. Damask is different because it is a figured fabric made of jacquard looms of silk, cotton, wool, or linen, etc. On the other hand,
Jacquard – is a special type of loom or, let’s say, a specific kind of machine employed to add weave into a fabric to design an intricately woven pattern.

What is Jacquard Good For?

Jacquard Elastic Fabric is commonly seen in home décor, textiles, upholstery, fabric for curtains, and drapery or used for elegant duvet covers. However, its perks don’t limit here. They are strong elastic fabric and offer more stretchability and tightness in the weave than other types, and that is why these fabrics are also used for clothing, slings, ribbons, ties, etc.

Different Printings
Woven logo

The type of logo which can be customized in colors and design as per your wish

Engraved logo

The type of logo that gives a unique design to the jacquard elastic.

Elastic Materials
100% Nylon

Made of 100% nylon means it is entirely synthetic and has no basis in organic material

100% Polyester

Made of 100% polyester gives a smooth, silky, and slippery texture.