How To Sew Patches On Denim Jackets?

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Denim is classic wear! Its comeback in modern street fashion is palpable. So do you know how to make this timeless fashion better? So take your notes to learn how to sew patches on denim jackets? because knowing this art cannot only save your money, but you can customize your old or new denim jackets as per your style. Below find some best methods to sew on patches for jackets and denim.

5 Easy Steps To Sew Patches on Denim Jackets?


1) Choose Your Thread

Choosing the right color thread? The perfect idea is to match your color thread with the trim is either select the same color or darker.

2) Position The Patch

Once you place the patch in the correct position to sew your patch on, lay the jacket flat and pin it using 3-4 pins inside the trim to keep it stable.


3) Thread The Needle

Now, this part needs a skill set! Start by cutting a 15-18 inch thread. String one end of the thread in the eye of the needle. Don’t forget to tie a knot so that it won’t slip off.

4) Begin To Sew

Take an easy start by threading them through the outside trim of the patch. This step is done on the backside of your jacket. Now sew your patch on the denim via straight stitch. For a tighter look, keep the stitch closer to the edge.

5) Tie Off The Thread

When you’re done all around the patch, pull your needle to the inside section of the patch. Again tie a thick not so it won’t pull back. Cut out the excess thread through scissors.

How To Sew Patches On Hoodies & Jackets Step by Step.

Denim jackets appear as a great candidate to get it switched with patches. The steps for how to sew a patch on a jacket with a sewing machine. Here we go:

How to sew patches on a jacket

1) Adjust the Position:

To adjust the patch, pin your decorative patch on the jacket and evaluate if it looks perfect in that position. If you want your patch to get stitched on the center back of the jacket, measure keenly and find the best halfway point.

2) Set Iron on the Highest Heat Setting

Prepare for the setup. Set your ironing board with a thick cloth and place your jacket on to it. Turn the heat setting to the highest degree of temperature. Cover the patch with a cloth or cotton pad and press the iron in the downward portion. Hold the iron for about 30-45 minutes and repeat until you cover all the patch surfaces.

3) Sew on a Patch

Repeat the process on the inner part. To sew on a patch, start running the needle up inside and on the edges. The stitches should go around 1/8 to ¼ from each edge. Complete the stitching by poking the needle back down through the fabric and patch. End it up by knotting the thread inside the jacket.

How To Sew a Patch Over a Hole By Hand?

Have your new pretty denim skirt, or your favorite bed sheet got a hole? Until the cop’s spy did this, let us try out some easy techniques to mend your favorite clothing. This hack can not only save your favorite outfit but extend the lifetime of your wardrobe. So let’s jump into it:

How to sew patches on denim jackets


1) Get the Correct Patch:

By the term, correct match means you don’t need to buy a new patch. You can use any old fabric or patch; however, make sure the patch should match the garment in color.

2) Prepare the Hole or Tear

To prepare the fabric, you need to trim the loose or frayed edges. It will give your patch a more detailed look and make it stand out.

3) Cutting the Patch

The patch size should be 1 inch greater than the actual hole. Make sure you keep into consideration the shape of the hole.

4) Pin the Patch

Hold the patch straight inside the garment. Secure it using straight pins, double-sided glue, or fabric glue.

5) Sew the Patch

To sew on the patch, place your needle on the right gauge. Make use of invisible thread or one that matches the fabric’s color. Now sew around the edges multiple times to secure it.

How to sew on patches with a sewing machine?

There are different ways to sew on patches. However, different areas can be covered easily if you’re going with a sewing machine. Let’s see: Using a sewing machine can help you in two ways. Use either a zigzag stitch technique or use a straight stitch. In the zigzag stitch, set the machine in a manner so that the needle just lands outside of both sides of the binding stitches with a medium stitch length. Whereas in the straight stitch, use your machine to stitch right up next to the inside of the binding stitches.

Best needle for sewing patches on denim?

How to sew patches on denim? While sewing patches can become an easy job if you know the importance of choosing the right kind of fabric, the type of stitches, and the needle to use. So, before you buy a needle, it’s essential to consider the following factors for sewing patches.

Best needle for sewing patches on denim


So what are the best needles for sewing patches?

1) Point:

Needles come in three different types, i.e., Sharp Universal and Ball-point. The universal needles are popular because they are best for all types of fabrics and make the job easy while piercing through the fabric.

2) Size:

The material fabric thread and stabilizer often decide what type of needle should go around the patch. However, in terms of size, it is more appropriate to use lower size numbers (in general, needles range in 70-110 mm in inches) compared to the higher size. The UK size of the needle is equivalent to 7-11 mm.

3) Material of Needle:

Titanium-made needles tend to work well for heavy-duty jobs. However, for large embroidered designs, string needles are usually preferred. Regular needles are made to do small stitches because they are made of chromium plating and so lose their sharpness or break if used for extensive load.

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