How To Attach Woven Labels: Different Backing Options For Woven Labels

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How to attach woven labels

Woven label is best known for their ability to show even the smallest detail of the design and durability. A woven label can ideally withstand multiple washed. It will never fade after washing, and it can withstand many uses as well. To answer the question of how to attach woven labels by Velcro backing, sewn-in, iron-on method, you can easily attach woven labels to the desired place. Custom woven labels can be made in various materials with benefits and drawbacks. We will discuss each and every one in detail, along with the uses of woven labels. We will also discuss the manufacturing process of custom woven labels. So let’s discuss more the backing option of woven labels and how they are more vibrant and durable than any other labels. All the answers will be given and explained in more detail below, so let us get down to it.

How to attach woven labels in 2022

Woven labels play a significant role in the branding of small and big brands, and they are the top choice of many clothing designers as well as sellers across the world. Labels are the thing that gets the product noticed by the customers, and potential customers often decide to purchase a product after observing the labels. So the benefits of labels are endless. Every clothing label has to have some kind of backing so it can be easily attached to the desired place on the garment. Almost every material of clothing label, including damask, taffeta, PVC, printed or woven, can be backed by the two main backing options that are iron-on and sew-in backing.

Here are some backing options that answer the question of how to attach woven labels. So let us get down to it!

Self-Adhesive Backing

Self-adhesive or thermos adhesive is a good backing option for how to attach woven labels because they have a unique coat on their back. The clothing label can be easily heat pressed or ironed with a regular household iron. The adhesive backing can be put on to a brand name label or a care label.

Self-adhesive labels are great for products where sewing is very onerous, like in hats, leather products, headbands, wallets, blankets, and fleece clothing. So self-adhesive backing is a great option for all these kinds of products, and they allow to be laundered and washed.

Heat Seal Or Iron-On Backing

Heat seal or iron-on backing is also one of the effective to attach woven labels to the products. This is a simple backing option that is good for thin and flatter labels and heat transfer; keep the label with the peripheral edge seal over the place and also shield the label thread from unraveling.

The amazing thing about iron-on labels is that they are super easy to attach to the garments. They are also perfect for people who want to attach labels quickly to the garment. Nevertheless, the label must be pressed appropriately, or it will not attach at all. So follow the instructions carefully while attaching an iron-on custom label.

Sew-In Backing

Sew-in is also a very easy method of attaching a label to the clothing piece. All you require is a thread and needle, and then hold off your work is done. This method is one of the most durable methods of attaching labels to clothing. Some people may think sewing is hard work, but it is worth it because then there will be no fear of labels coming off.

Velcro Backing

Such backing options are famous for custom woven labels because they will easily and instantly attach to the desired place on any clothing piece or apparel. They easily let you adhere to different surfaces together because they have tiny hooks that attach to the other piece with tiny loops.

Custom labels with hook and loop backing are ideal representations of business, company, and organization. Some people do not like the labels attached permanently, so if you are one of them, you do not have to worry because there is an option available for semi-permanent labels known as Velcro and hook and loop patches.

What Are Custom Clothing Labels?

Custom clothing labels are an ideal way to brand for every business and company. They show essential instruction and information regarding the material of the labels and the care information about washing the garments.

Before ordering a custom tag, you should go through the essential guide for every customer. The better you will understand all the factors of clothing labels, the easier and quicker will be the process of choosing the right label.

What Are The Different Types Of Woven Labels?

Several types of woven labels are available based on the application and use of the label in clothing. All the main types of woven labels are mentioned below with a brief explanation. So let us get down to it.

Made In Label

The made-in label is used to show where the product has come from. The label names the country where the clothing originated.

Brand Label Or Main Label

The brand label or main label has a function to show the clothing brand’s identity, which is why it is called the main label or brand label. It showcases your business label or brand label with a clear vision to highlight the appearance of your brand.

Size Label

The most mandatory label is the size label that will show the size of the garment. Whether branded or non-branded, every label has a size label because no garment will be sold without a size label.

Flag Label

The label sewn or present on the side of the garment is known as the flag label. It is an additional label that shows the brand logo or name.


Woven labels are the most versatile labels used in the clothing and apparel industries, but to answer how to attach woven labels can be answered by various backing options like Velcro, sew-in, iron-on, and adhesive tape. Almost every material of clothing label, including damask, taffeta, PVC, printed or woven, can be backed by the two main backing options that are iron-on and sew-in backing.

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