We make an extensive range of clothing labels from the most simple to the most complex, precisely made according to our client’s demands. The finishes play the card of refinement to the smallest detail. Our products include woven Labels, Tagless heat transfer, Printed fabric labels, Cotton labels, Printed cotton tapes, Jacquard Name Elastic, and Printed ribbon.


Recognizing the core importance of how your products look like on store shelfs, we develop and design the labels and packaging that makes an impact.

Woven label

Most popular and cost-effective method for branding your garments, textiles, and crafts.

Printed Fabric label

Producing premium quality woven edge satin, slit edge satin and double face woven edge.

Cotton label

High-quality Cotton Twill & Printed Canvas Labels creating natural & organic look for apparel products

Heat Transfer

Tag-less tags helps promote brands without any traditional woven or printed label. Applied directly onto any garment they stretch with your fabric.


With the top production technology we produce woven ribbons and woven-edge tapes. Whether you need white or colored tapes, we can supply them in a variety of standardized widths and qualities such as taffeta, damask, single or double satin. Our tapes can be woven-to-match or dyed-to-match.

Printed Cotton Tapes

Imprinted logo & names on Ribbons makes gifts & decor more recognizable

Jacquard Name Elastic

Woven Jacquard elastics usually used for waistbands, suspenders, straps, and footwear.

Printed Ribbon

These ribbons are used for purpose of packing gifs, parcels, and other items.


Anwar Industries is proud of the quality of services and facilities provided. Our industry identifies goals and baseline and re-evaluates the processes and materials to meet those high-quality standards. To maintain our quality management and quality control processes, we control, measure, and monitor the end product to ensure they fulfill the expected criteria. Besides, Anwar industries is always a step further than its competitors by identifying areas where there is an opportunity for improvement.

Responsive Sales Team

Fast Turnaround

Responsible Sourcing

Health & Safety


Quality Guaranteed

Helping startups & SMBs to improve their brand recognation and standout in the crowd


To meet the standard and expectations of our clients, Anwar Industries uses a wide variety of best-quality yarns. We agreed to the specifications required by our clients and guarantees to provide the exact match of your color. We offer matchable Pantone colors according to your requirement. Anwar Industries uphold quality standards.


Anwar Industries urges to look for innovations and ideas to meet our clients’ vision. Our team focuses on developing new concepts streamed with the latest fashion and trends. Our unique technology focuses on R & D and keeps a keen eye on our competitors to get the best product in the market.


To meet deadlines and maintain on-time deliveries, Anwar Industries facilitates the fastest sampling, merchandising, and dispatching. We provide an updated service on your product to give our clients complete satisfaction and their desired results.


Anwar Industries services and facilities begin by providing you with a vast guideline discussing the outline of the type of label you need for your business. Everything is outlined before the process starts, from label application to the choice and quality of material fabric and technologies equipped to design your desired label. Anwar Industries helps create your idea into an aesthetic piece of the label in every aspect.

1- We believe in quality

We at Anwar Industries beleive quality is everything, we dont compromise on the material and the quality of the product.

2- Our vision

To compete in the textile industry which helps to increase our brand value and contribution in the national economy.

3- Your satisfaction our mission

Creating a design it is not an end in itself, but a means. We understand the rules of the games. It’s about to make you happy.



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