Glitter Elastic

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Glitter Elastic

Elastic bands are usually used in clothing accessories, and it is a lengthy strip of elastic material that is created by synthetic or natural rubber. The first elastic band did not have rubber in its manufacturing; instead, it used steel wire springs. Originally steel wire springs were utilized inside the hat. Nowadays, various types of elastic bands are available in the market, and choosing the right one for your clothing products has become a hard thing because you have to keep in mind all the factors of the elastic band, whether it will suit your brand or not. The elastic band is present in every clothing accessory, and they are used in most the garment cuff, waistbands, garters, shoes, waist, suspenders, and other stretchy clothes. Activewear and swimwear also have elastic bands to offer a certain amount of elasticity and strength.

Elastic Bands And Their Types

The elastic band is used in almost all types of clothing pieces in one way or another. They add the elasticity and durability the clothes need to stay put. There are multiple elastic bands these days with new features and specifications, some of which are listed below.

  • Corded elastic
  • Clear elastic
  • Braided elastic
  • Knitted elastic
  • Baby elastic
  • Glitter elastic
  • Fold-over elastic
  • Hat elastic
  • Swimwear elastic
  • Lace elastic
  • Ruched elastic
  • Lingerie elastic
  • Elastic thread
  • Drawstring elastic
  • Buttonhole elastic

What Is Glitter Elastic?

As the name suggests, a glitter elastic has sparkles and glitter on one side of the elastic while the other is plain. The glitters are made with sparkles and simmer that make the elastic shiny and glittery and add a certain appeal to it.

A glitter elastic is created by the mixture of spandex and nylon. This mix adds what an elastic most wants: strength and stretchiness. The glitter of the glitter elastic is woven inside the elastic so that it does not flake or shed.

The width of glitter elastic is 15mm, which is 5/8 in inches. Other sizes of the width are also available in the market, like 3/8 inches and more.

Decorative Glitter Elastic

Glitter elastic is more of a decorative elastic that is mostly used on the edges of the sleeves and neckline to make them look appealing and sparkly. These bands are widely used in the clothing industry and created in multiple colors. This elastic does not get narrow when stretched and also does not loses its elasticity and resilience while sewing.

The Qualities Of Glitter Elastic

Glitter elastic has a very sparkly appeal that is widely used for decoration purposes. They have good elasticity, making them function remarkably as headbands and for other purposes. They have a huge range of applications like in hair bows and crafts projects.

The Uses Of Glitter Elastic

There are various uses of glitter elastic because they are eye-catching and have super elasticity, making them ideal for decoration and other things. The different uses of glitter elastic are as follows.

  • Glitter elastic is used in card making. They make a great item for decorating cards because of their glitter and sparkle. Many kids love glitter elastic and use them often to make birthday card for their friends and family.
  • Glitter elastic is also used in headbands; they look fantastic when worn. Kids and teenagers love glittery headbands as they complete their outfits. They are super stretchy and durable, apart from being sparkly.
  • Glitter elastic are also present in head bows and provide the elasticity and beauty that the head bows need.
  • Glitter elastic play a significant role in arts and crafts because of their sparkly, durable and elastic nature; they perform multiple functions for almost all the decoration requirements. They are a must in a DIY project and transform the bland look of a craft project into something remarkable.
  • Glitter elastic is also used in dressmaking, especially in fancy dresses, as they have the sparkle and the shimmer that fancy dresses require. They do not get worn out and lose their elasticity or the glitter fibers even after continuous use and washing.
  • Glitter elastic has sparkles and shimmers that result from simply a dash of some sparkles that add a new appeal to the clothes. These elastic bands are mainly used for decorative purposes on fancy dresses and more. has a role in gift wrapping as well. Suppose you have a simple, plain, or bland gift wrapper and want to brighten up the packaging with some sparkle, then what would be perfect than glitter elastic. They add the sparkle and beauty the gift wrapping needs.
  • Glitter elastic is used during the wedding decoration, whether in the bridesmaid’s dress, headbands, bouquets, or table decoration glitter elastic play an essential role in different festive including birthdays, Christmas, and Halloween where you need to dress up with a sparkly thing and decorate your home.
  • Glitter elastic is also used for different purposes in the scrapbooks.
  • Glitter elastic is present in cake decoration as well.

Super-Wide Glitter Elastic

While glitter elastic have various width, the super-wide glitter elastic is great when you need extra elasticity and sparkle. Although glitter elastic has moderate elasticity, it cannot compete with woven elastic, which is widely used for heavy-duty purposes. So super-wide elastic is also mainly used to decorate clothes, home décor, scrapbooks, cards, and much more.


Glitter elastic is widely used for its elasticity and sparkle, mainly for decorations like clothes, home decorations, birthdays, card decorations, and dressmaking. They are made from a mix of spandex and nylon, providing the ideal durability and elasticity.

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