Top Benefits of Fabric Labels and Fabric Tags

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Fabric Labels and Fabric Tags

Well, it’s common knowledge that fabric labels and fabric tags offer customers essential instruction about the clothing material and provide legally needed information. Still, the top advantage of these little tags and labels is that they advertise the brand and heighten its branding potential.

Although such little labels seem insignificant while assembling a clothing collection, these small pieces of fabric are the key elements to make an impression and bring back the customers for more purchases and check out the new products.

The market has an extensive range of clothing labels in every style possible for multiple uses. Labels that are manufactured from cloth are created by the use of machinery that allows the display of small text in similarly small areas.

Fabric Labels and Fabric Tags Usage

The labels and tags are usually a little addition to any clothing piece that shows some relevant information to the customer like branding, washing details, care information, or the clothing material. The types of care labels are:

Care Information

There are various advantages of care labels. The caring information on clothing labels or tags tells you if the clothing is allowed to be ironed or bleached. There is a kind of precaution information that also tells us not to take the piece of clothing near fire etc.

Wash Information

The fabric labels and fabric tags show you the information about the washing option, like whether you can hand wash the clothing, dry cleaned it, or tumble dryer it. This type of information gives you an idea of how to clean such clothes.

The Importance of Fabric Labels and Fabric Tags in the Apparel Industry

Maybe young designers are more concerned about the colour, cut, and shape of a clothing piece that they do not give much thought to the labels or tags of the clothing after they are included in the production.

The same is the case with the consumers, and they are more concerned about how an article of clothing looks and what its price is. These are the main concerns of the buyers, and they completely ignore the fabric labels and fabric tags sometimes, which is not a thing to neglect.

The communication of details

An essential aspect of clothing labels is that they have a description of the material used in the item. The consumers of today’s age are much more conscious about the environment than they used to be. Consumers now have ethical choices about the material they want to buy and wear.

People avoid plastic-based items because they are not suitable for the environment for multiple reasons. A good fabric label and fabric tag will have the correct information about the material utilized in the garment, permitting the buyer to decide if they want to buy it or not.

Content and care labels

The garment needs proper care, and it is vital if you want them to last for long. Without the appropriate care, the garment might lose its shape, the colour might run out, and it might rip or shrink. So special treatment is required in cases of washing and ironing.

Some materials might not stand excess heat, so the content and care label will have relevant information about the clothing. The label will also tell about the correct water temperature and whether they are suitable to put into a tumble dryer.


Clothing labels are a clothing requirement because they are a way for a designer to promote their brand. The label or tag doesn’t need to have technical information about the materials or temperatures. You have the freedom to do whatever you like to promote your brand and make a proper identity.

The trust is created through labels and tags, and big brands use this opportunity wisely.

The Types of Clothing Labels

Here at Anwar Industries, we have four types of clothing labels

Woven labels

We are the skilled and professional manufacturers of woven labels creating and designing high-end products with elegant finishing to make the label attractive and a potential source for your brand. We aim to create labels that will highlight your brand style.

The woven labels are machine-made with fantastic design, different logos, and customized or personalized patterns that are carried out delicately and precisely. You have total freedom to customize your company fabric labels and fabric tags bel with its logo.

Printed fabric labels

Our company has been creating designing labels for our online customers for years that have high-end quality, elegant finishing, and attractive designs. Printed fabric labels contain information and a brand logo that is directly transformed on the fabric.

Printed fabric labels have a lot of benefits, including outstanding visuals on the fabric with iron-on fabric labels. These labels can be digitally printed by using a multi-colour palette and later sew-on the garment.

Cotton labels

Our cotton labels are high-finished, light-weighted, and impressive, which will tempt you to come back to us again and again. In our industry, we utilize organic and natural cotton for the labels. We avoid the usage of toxic chemicals and ensure that our items are thoroughly eco-friendly.

Anwar industries make incredibly soft and elegant cotton labels that are made by flexographic printing. This is a famous method for making cotton labels as flexible plates are used to create an elevated inked image.

Heat transfer labels

Our heat transfer labels are exceptionally made and designed by ink transfer that prints the label’s content on the pre-printed roll. Every industry has its own type of ink solution. At Anwar Industries, our ink solution has the best quality to make our unique heat transfer labels for the neck.

The time of traditional sew-on labels has finished, and the custom heat transfer labels came in their place. These types of labels are an advanced solution for brands that want to get rid of woven labels and tags from shirts because many customers find woven labels irritating as they make your skin itch.

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