Elastic Bands Manufacturers

Elastic tape is known to keeps the garments like pants and trousers in place. The Elastic bands are being used in various clothing pieces for years and years now. The reason behind is that they are super comfortable and soft against the skin.
Elastic tapes are mainly a part of all clothing accessories. The band or tape is a lengthy strip of elastic material which is created by synthetic means man-made substance or natural rubber.
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  • An elastic band is durable and robust.
  • It has good stretching ability.
  • It is used in sportswear, marine costumes, and car accessories.
  • They are good for swimwear.
  • It is comfortable and soft.
  • It is firm and strong.
  • It is made from high-quality components
  • The stretchability can reduce with use and washes.
  • It is expensive than other types of elastics

The making of elastic band



The first step in the manufacturing process is to mix the rubber or latex with other materials, such as fillers, stabilizers, and pigments, to achieve the desired properties.


The mixed materials are then extruded through a machine that shapes the elastic band into a long, continuous cord. During this process, the elastic is encased in a protective covering to prevent it from breaking or fraying.


The extruded elastic band is then treated with heat and pressure in a process called vulcanization. This helps to improve the elasticity, durability, and strength of the band.

Cutting and packaging

After vulcanization, the elastic band is cut into the desired length and packaged for sale or further processing.