Different Types Of Elastic Tape

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Diffrent types of elastic tapes

Different types of Elastic tape used in fabrics allow elasticity so that the garment is easily pulled on. Elastic keeps the garment in place. Elastic bands have been used in clothing pieces for decades because they are comfortable. Elastic waistband has also been a part of garments for years, mainly used in baby clothes and garments worn for ease and comfort. The most famous elastic type is the nylon elastic, widely used in trousers, undergarments, baby clothes, pants, and other clothing pieces. Nowadays, various types of elastic bands are available in the market, and choosing the right one for your clothing products has become tricky because you have to keep in mind all the factors of the elastic band, whether it will suit the fabric of your brand or not.

Elastic bands are primarily used in clothing accessories, a lengthy strip of elastic material created by synthetic or natural rubber. The first elastic band did not have rubber in its manufacturing; instead, it used steel wire springs. Initially, steel wire springs were utilized inside the hat.

The Different Types Of Elastic Tape Or Band

An elastic band is made from rubber, either natural or synthetic. It is an essential material in the textile industry because of its versatility and extensive use. The need for zippers and buttons was reduced because of an elastic band which is a more comfortable and straightforward option.

There are multiple different types of elastic tape bands these days with new features and specifications. Some types are Corded elastic, Clear elastic, Braided elastic, Knitted elastic, Baby elastic, Fold-over elastic, hat elastic, Glitter elastic, swimwear elastic, Lace elastic, Non-slip elastic, Ruched elastic, Lingerie elastic, Elastic thread, Drawstring elastic, Buttonhole elastic, etc.

Apart from these kinds of elastic bands, there are also various types of elastic custom bands that are used in clothing these days, and they are as follows:

  • Elastic thread
  • Fold-over elastic
  • Stretch lace elastic
  • Waistband or cycling elastic
  • Buttonhole elastic
  • Transparent elastic
  • Stretch or stitch elastic
  • Ruffled elastic
  • Stretch band
  • Drawstring
  • Sport elastic
  • Non-roll knit elastic
  • Waistband elastic
  • Skirt waistband elastic
  • Pyjama or underwear elastic

What Is Nylon Elastic?

Nylon elastic is considered the most durable, strong, and stretchy elastic band widely used in textile industries. These elastic bands have extensive uses in clothing, bedding, vehicle covers, and whatnot.

Nylon elastic is long-lasting than any other option of an elastic band, and that is what makes them ideal for outdoor use, including marine applications. Nylon elastic is machine washable and cannot float in the water along with a longer lifespan.

Nylon elastic is a more expensive option than other elastic bands, but it is more refined and high-quality than the others. So its high price is worthwhile. They are also used in motor vehicles like seat covers, panel padding, and headliners.

What Is Glitter Elastic?

As the name suggests, a glitter elastic has sparkles and glitter on one side of the elastic while the other is plain. The glitters are made with sparkles and simmer that make the elastic shiny and glittery and add a certain appeal to it. A glitter elastic is created by the mixture of spandex and nylon. This mix adds what an elastic most wants: strength and stretchiness. The glitter of the glitter elastic is woven inside it, so it does not flake or shed.

The width of glitter elastic is 15mm, which is 5/8 in inches. Other sizes of the width are also available in the market, like 3/8 inches and more.

Super-Wide Glitter Elastic

While glitter elastic have various width, the super-wide glitter elastic is excellent when you need extra elasticity and sparkle. Although glitter elastic has moderate elasticity, it cannot compete with woven elastic, which is widely used for heavy-duty purposes. So super-wide elastic is also mainly used to decorate clothes, home décor, scrapbooks, cards, and much more.

What Is A Non-Slip Elastic?

Non-slip elastic has different types like non-slip elastic ribbon, tape, or webbing. The customer uses them to avoid any slipping of the band. They have exceptional quality and elasticity and can be created to custom demands.

Non-slip elastic is created or designed specifically for easy and robust performance, which is why they are highly used in gym and sports gear.

Non-slip elastic is created from epoxy resins and polyester that has durability, sturdiness, and elasticity. Non-slip elastic is mainly present in sweatbands, exercise hair, headbands, and other sports gear. It is also known as gripper elastic or silicon-backed elastic because it offers a firm grip and does not move.

They are created and designed in various colours, patterns, and sizes, allowing much customization. That is why non-slip elastic are considered highly versatile. They are ideal for knee braces, bikinis, trousers, skiwear, cuffs, sportswear, dresses, etc.

What Is Printed Elastic?

And the elastic band is created by weaving off the woven that is interlaced by weft and wrap. Printed elastic bands are created in the same way. The only difference is that they are printed on them and are often made with various materials.

They are very soft and comfortable, making them ideal for comfortable clothes like baby clothes, swimwear, bathrobes, lingerie, and underwear.

Printed elastic comes in different patterns and sizes; some are made with smaller widths, while some have wide sizes. When the width is small, the waving process differs for them, ranging between single and double strips.

What Is Knitted Elastic?

The elastic does not get narrow when stretched in knitted elastic because it does not have much fibre or rubber for stretchiness compared to woven elastic or braided elastic. It is created by the process of knitting the fibre material together. They are ideal for every fabric manufacturing requirement.

Knitted elastic is the most cost-effective option that offers the ideal comfort and elasticity. They can be quickly manufactured as they have the shortest production time compared to other flat elastics. So a large amount of knitted elastic can be manufactured quickly.

What Is An Elastic Waistband?

An elastic waistband is a synonym for ease and comfort. It is primarily used in skirts, dresses, pants, and garments that require the waist to be stretchy enough to pull on. An elastic waistband will allow movement and work amazingly with every body type because of their ability to stretch. The elastic waistband is made from rubber, either natural or synthetic. It is an essential material in the textile industry because of its versatility and extensive use.

The need for zippers and buttons was reduced because of an elastic waistband’s more comfortable and straightforward option.

An elastic waistband allows easy movements, breathability, and blood circulation, which some other material hinders. It makes you feel comfortable and keeps your garments in place without tightness.


There are various elastic types, including printed elastic, glitter elastic, Elastic thread, Fold-over elastic, Stretch lace elastic, Waistband or cycling elastic, Buttonhole elastic, Transparent elastic, and a lot more. They have different specifications and functions.

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