Different Types Of Elastic In Sewing In 2023

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Different Types Of Elastic In Sewing In 2023

The band or tape is a lengthy strip of elastic material that is created by synthetic means a man-made substance or natural rubber. The elastic that is first ever made does not contain rubber in it but in its place, the people used steel wire springs. At first, steel wire springs were made to use in the manufacturing of the inside of caps or hats. The Different Types Of Elastic In Sewing are knitted elastic, woven, and printed elastic. There are various types of elastic available that are used in stitching, the names of those elastic are braided elastic, woven elastic, nylon elastic, knitted elastic, and printed elastic. They are commonly present in almost all garments is been a part of clothes for decades they are a main component in baby clothes, lingerie, pants, etc. as they are known for their comfort and

Different Types Of Elastic In Sewing, Waistbands & Clothing

Nylon Elastic

Nylon elastic is known to have great strength, durability, robustness, and stretchability.  This stretchy elastic band is now being widely used in the textile industries all over the world. Nylon elastic tape has extensive and wide usage in bedding, vehicle cover, clothing, apparel and so much more. Nylon elastic is very long-lasting compared to any of the other types of elastic bands because it has polyester and cotton in its manufacturing. They are ideal for all types of outdoor use and especially for marine applications. You can wash Nylon elastic in the machine and it does not float in the water and it has a longer lifespan. Nylon elastic is a much more expensive option compared to the different types of elastic tapes, but it is more high-quality and fine type than the other ones. So the high price of nylon elastic is justifiable and worthwhile. Such elastic are also widely utilized in the motor vehicles accessories like seat covers, panel padding, and headliners.

Glitter Elastic

Custom glitter elastic is a creative and unique way to show the company image or brand name and add some spark to it. The elastic tape is created with standard and top-notch quality, and it then goes through a printed process that is highly detail-oriented so that every product comes out perfect. In glitter elastic, the customer can add their brand name or company logo printed to the elastic and make them creative and highly personalized items of the brand. This will make the glitter elastic ideal for marketing and branding. In the manufacturing process much attention is provided to each and every detail of the elastic band design, color, feel and look so that they look and match the company theme. In order to get a precise look, many people spend their time and energy getting the perfect end product for you.

The smallest element of your brand logo will look amazing in the custom glitter elastic and the elastic will make the company name pop up among the masses. High-quality fabrics and inks are used in their creation of all types of elastic so the ink will never fade away or peel off.

Elastic Waistband

An elastic waistband is the other name for comfort and ease. It is mainly utilized in clothes of all types like pants, dresses, skirts, and baby clothes and especially for that garments that need stretchiness in the waist so such clothes are easy to put on. Elastic waistbands allow easy movement and they work amazingly with each body type due to their amazing ability to stretch. Elastic waistband has elastic which is either manmade or originally made from is made from rubber. It is a much-required material in the clothing industry due to its versatility and wide use.

The requirement for buttons and zippers has diminished since the wide introduction of elastic waistbands in the clothing industry. They are so famous because they are stretchable and comfortable against the skin and also because they are a cheaper option.

An elastic waistband allows easy movements, great breathability, and easy blood circulation, which other material of elastic could hinder. It makes you feel comfortable and keeps your clothes in place without causing any kind of tightness.

Knitted Elastic

Knitted elastic is known for not getting narrow when it is stretched because it does not contain fiber or any rubber for stretchiness as compared to woven elastic or any braided elastic. Knitted elastic is formed by the procedure of knitting the different fiber materials along together. This elastic is perfect for every type of fabric manufacturing.

Knitted elastic is known to be a very cost-effective elastic option that provides perfect elasticity and comfort. It can be quickly created because it has a short production time compared to another elastic type.

Woven Elastic

A woven elastic band is also known as a no-roll elastic band, and it is a very robust elastic used in various garments. Woven tape is recognized by the horizontal and vertical ribs. The great thing about this elastic band is that it does not narrow down when it is stretched.

Another exciting thing about this tape is that it does not lose its reliance even after it is sewn, which is not a feature in other elastic tapes. We can say woven bands are excellent for almost every usage and application also in heavy-duty things. This elastic is perfect for every use in heavyweight stuff or material clothing including outerwear.


Today we discussed the Different Types of Elastic in Sewing. There are various types of elastic available that are used in stitching, the names of those elastic are braided elastic, woven elastic, nylon elastic, knitted elastic, and printed elastic. Anwar Industries makes ideal custom elastic which is not only of high quality but it is also long-lasting and strong.

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