Custom Printed Elastic Band for Clothing | What Are Elastic Band And How To Use It For Clothing?

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Custom Printed Elastic Band For Clothing

A custom elastic band for clothing is an elastic thread which is also known as elastic tape or rubber band. Mainly there are two types of custom-printed elastic bands for clothing: Custom printed elastic band and Custom jacquard elastic band. The custom elastic band is widely used in various industries for example fashion brands and garment factories. So what made the custom elastic band soft and comfortable? The answer is simple. The choice of material and the type of weaving method varies from one band to the other.

weaving method varies from one bandThe different type of materials used in a custom elastic band is polyester, yarn, cotton, spandex latex-free, nylon, and more. Secondly, the sewing method also involves woven, braided, knitted, and embroidered weaving. The custom elastic band for clothing are formed in various colors and sizes and are used for different clothing, for example, these elastic bands are perfect for underwear, pants, sports bras, lingerie, legging, waistbands, swimsuits dresses, and also for sweaters shorts bikinis masks hats, etc.

The custom elastic band can be customized into different sizes according to the need. Among them, some custom elastic bands become thick thin wide, or narrow. However, there is an endless limit in color selection for example it can be clear black white, or colored.

Types Of Custom Elastic Band

There are two main types of custom elastic bands:

  1. Custom jacquard elastic band
  2. Custom printed elastic band

Custom Jacquard Elastic Band:

The custom jacquard elastic band is a soft and delicate unique textured elastic band. The material used in a jacquard elastic band is soft, smooth in touch, has good gloss, is breathable, and sagging.

The jacquard elastic band has a three-dimensional pattern. The custom jacquard elastic band uses the weaving method to design unique patterns on the elastic band. The elastic band uses the machine to create a weft jacquard elastic band pattern and a wrap jacquard elastic band pattern.

The pattern of a weft jacquard elastic band is formed with distinct colors. They are exquisite and the size is large. On the other side, the pattern of wrap jacquard is comparatively simple and unique. The jacquard elastic band is used for clothing items such as cuffs, bras, garter stockings, hem, waistbands, and medical bandages. However, these jacquard elastic band is especially best for baby clothes, wedding dresses, pants, underwear, etc.

Besides this, the custom jacquard elastic band has a very clear, visible logo. It has a very high grade and bright colors. So if you’re looking to promote your brand logo, a jacquard elastic band can increase the value of your product and enhance branded name.

Custom Printed Elastic Band:

The custom printed elastic band for clothing refers to the printing of designs, brand logos, business text, site addresses, etc. onto the elastic band. The custom printed elastic band uses different base belts that can produce pretty results. The process takes place on the thermal transfer band. The thermal transfer band is rich in colors and are used to print beautiful pattern or brand logos so it comes out to get a beautiful look. Silk printing is another method.

The custom printed elastic band for clothing is ideal for underwear, shoulder straps, clothing, cuffs, stretch fabric, Velcro, etc. Besides this custom printed elastic band for clothing can be used widely for different clothing accessories including edging belts and lace etc.

Different Types of Custom Elastic Band for Clothing:

The general classification of custom elastic bands for clothing is discussed as follows:

Elastic Band for Clothing

Sports elastic band:

This elastic band is made of yarn by a coiled tube. Into the knitting machines, the weft tube is rolled and inserted in the fixed tooth seat. The 8-way track rotary movement and the weft tube will do the traction of yarn interspersed knitting.

Medical supplies elastic band:

This elastic band is made of jacquard polyester which is phenomenal for skin because it does not cause skin scratching or irritation. It will not destroy your skin because of its nominal ph. value.

Nylon confusion elastic band:

This elastic band has good absorption and abrasion resistance during wet and rough conditions. Nylon’s firm band size makes it good wear. This apparel has low shrinkage.

The wide elastic band:

This elastic band consists of a smooth flat surface, to traction the yarn that has crosses from each other. They also have an odd number of spindles.

Color strip rigid belt:

This elastic band can be either single-sided jacquard or double-sided jacquard. This is an excellent woven band because it offers an excellent feel to the color, made with non-abrasive clothing material and colorful.

Jacquard sub-band:

A unique patterned, seamless style and efficacy of the jacquard sub-band makes it stand out in traditional webbing. It connects the soul of the brand and gives a chic look.

Printed elastic band:

This elastic band is used where the text or design is needed to be printed (hence the name), with the use of several backings to produce different results. The printing includes heat transfer and silk printing.

Colorful stripes elastic band:

This elastic band consists of a warp knitting lining weft measures. These are knotted into the braided chains and articulated into the belt.

Anti-slip elastic band:

This elastic band has good features such as; high strength non-breakable, good heat resistance, impact resistance, good wear, and so on.

Polyester elastic band:

this elastic band is ideal for garment fabrics and besides, good for bedding and weaving processes as well.

Clip rope elastic band:

This elastic band is formed through a complex process of connecting two non-interwoven yarns – warp and weft. A whole non-interwoven yarn interchanged into the warp-lined and weft-lined clip rope.

New hole elastic band:

This elastic band is commonly known as an adjustable elastic band and it is ideal apparel for maternity wear and children’s clothing because this elastic buttonhole band is adjustable in size.


The custom elastic band is an eco-friendly elastic and high-tenacity jacquard elastic band or printed elastic band for clothing. The custom elastic band is a unique soft-textured and comfortable apparel that is used on garments, dresses, shirts, sweaters, hats, leggings, underwear, lingerie, sports bras, swimsuits, pants, masks, waistbands, lace, etc. Custom elastic bands can be customized with the material of your choice – nylon, yarn, spandex, polyester, are customized fabric, and colors and sizes can also be customized according to the requirements.

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