We are a professional cotton label manufacturer company designing and creating highly-finished elegant and attractive cotton labels for our customers. Our goal is to provide labels that contrast your brand’s style and meet your expectations. Our high-quality cotton label machines manufacture precisely and delicately thousands of cotton label designs with different logos and customized patterns. You can also customize cotton labels with your own logo. We offer affordable bulk rates for different cotton label sizes. With budget-friendly cotton label costs, you can customize as many as you want.

Wholesale Custom Cotton Label From Anwar Industries 2023

Our highly-finished cotton label are intricately impressive and light-weighted. Our printed cotton labels are 100% organic, water-proof, and durable. We manufacture superior quality cotton garment labels with a smooth finish and easy to stitch. We produce cotton labels that suit the aesthetic of your brands. For a strikingly, bright, and professional look to your product, make Anwar Industries your ultimate choice for all custom cotton clothing tags.

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Types Of Cotton Labels Do We Use?

At Anwar Industries, we use natural and organic cotton made from materials that do not contain toxic chemicals. Eco-savvy customers are highly looking for industries that use environment-friendly materials. For this cause, Anwar Industries custom cotton printed labels are so far the ‘greener’ choice. The natural cotton used to manufacture cotton logo labels create elegant and extremely soft stunning labels. Our garment labels are comfortable enough to tuck anywhere – inside or outside the garment.

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How Do We Make Cotton Tag Labels?

At Anwar Industries, our most popular method to make cotton labels is flexographic printing. This method is also known as flexo label printing. In the process, flexible plates are utilized that contain a solution of a raised inked image. At every step of transferring ink onto a substrate, it produces a single color and multiple colors resting properly. After the colors are settled, we customize the labels according to the client’s expectations. Printed Cotton labels are the most cost-effective option to use for your brand. They are usually used for care content information required by the government and an assortment of other clothing labels’ branding needs. Printed Cotton labels are available in different cotton materials like white cotton and natural cotton – and are a perfect choice for any kind of garment accessories, home goods, furniture, footwear, etc.
Our company utilizes flexographic ink for printing labels; the reason behind using this ink is that it does not fade or wash away after being used several times. Your artwork is printed using flexographic ink on the flexographic rotary printing machine woven in a series of diagonal and parallel ribs.

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Difference Between Cotton Twill and Printed Canvas Labels?

Cotton Canvas creates a natural and organic look for your apparel products and is a smart option for our clients. Canvas looks thick and gives a rugged look, whereas Cotton Twill is soft and still very durable. With cotton printed labels, you can achieve natural fray edges that look authentic.

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Custom Clothing Cotton labels Material Colors

Natural Cotton labels

Made of natural cotton fibers and avoid moisture building between your skin and cotton label.

White Cotton labels

Light-weight, durable, plain-weave cotton material.

Different Types Of  Labels Cuts & Folds That We Offer

End Fold

The END FOLD label stands for the type where the sewer stitches both the left and right corners of the label. Sometimes around all four edges.

Straight Cut

The Straight Cut label, also known as the HOT CUT label preferable for those who avoid folds in the label because sewer will stitch around all edges.

Loop Fold

The LOOP FOLD label is popular in t-shirts. As you can see in the picture, they are typically stitched from the top, once folded in the middle.

Book Fold

The BOOK FOLD Label is commonly used to demonstrate the text more clearly. These labels are shorter from the top. However, the underpart shows the size or made-in of the garment.

Manhattan Fold

The MANHATTAN FOLD label is a style statement for the woven label because this fold gives a finished look; the top part falls over the bottom fold and stitches.

Mitre Fold

The MITRE FOLD label is convenient because it has that hang-shaped loop used at the back of most robes or jackets.