Who Are We?

Anwar Industries was established in 1999 – the largest textile hub in Pakistan. Since with a vision to restructure the supply chain of manufacturing industries in Pakistan and with limited resources, our founder and team made dedicated efforts and become the largest platform of an easy and online leading manufacturer of textile accessories, woven labels, and tags. We gain our honorable client’s trust with hard work, sincerity, and dedication. Over these years of trust and excellence, we offer on-time deliveries and provide a complete production under one roof. Our modern machinery and equipment are automated to produce high-quality labels and patches.

Research & Development

Every year, we thrive on producing a portfolio based on different ideas & sketches mixed with different styles and innovations. We keep an eye on the market and get inspired by upcoming trends that are filling the gap and meet the requirements of our customers. Our R&D team ensures that the new concepts and developments are in line with the fashion and style needs of tomorrow from developing a design to researching new materials for clean, artistic finished products. We keep an eye on fashion trends to build the product line for our customers.

Why do Millions Trust Us?

Our sustainability is the key to success! Our commitment to produce quality and top-notch garment accessories offers a great deal of sustainability in all our products. As one of the biggest manufacturing companies, we aim to expedite our progress towards breaking the norms of labels and patches. We are selected in choosing the right materials to encourage environment-friendly industrialization. Our sustainability factor is constant in all our decisions and facilities – from the raw material selection to the finished product, we aim to become the most ethical and responsible industry as we advance to support the great vision of sustainable manufacturing.


Our team offers outstanding and customer-focused services to meet our customer’s brands and business needs. Our manufacturing is done using high-grade textile machinery. Anwar Industries is establishing and growing in technology in the market.

With over 740 machines and hardworking teams in the Pakistan, Anwar Industries is growing and establishing systems like no other.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become world class-leading and most trustable industry. We want to manufacture sustainable products that mark the international standards becoming globally competitive through innovation and quality.

Our Mission

Our mission is to establish our industry on the footings of Brilliance, Effectiveness, and Adaptability. We look forward to manufacturing quality and sustainable products stringently maintaining the ethical standards of our business operations and leveraging on the excellence of our people to achieve our aims reflected by our vision.